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Hi my name is Maria and I’m the founder of My Magic Diary. If you know me, you will probably say that I am full of positivity, life and the person to go to when you need to talk about your troubles, challenge your status quo and find solutions. You will also probably say that I always have a story to share and that I love to talk, A LOT!


However, very few know that I have spent many years feeling pain, empty, unworthy and an intense sense of not belonging. I wasted my energy trying to become someone I was not in an attempt to fit with the stereotypes society would enforce on us as social norms. For many years, I also attempted to fill the void I felt; I changed cities, jobs, houses, partners, even countries, believing that changes in my external environment would offer me a sense of belonging and happiness. Yet every time I would only get a boost to last me a few months to a year. Wherever I would go, whatever I would do, I would always end up exactly where I started.


I knew this was not sustainable….​Then one day I heard an African proverb:


“When there is no enemy within, no enemy on the outside can do no harm”


Now read that again! 


It got me thinking, and I gradually realised that for me to find peace, I needed to go within, reconcile with that enemy (me), accept where I was and work on being at peace with me. I needed to heal and challenge my thoughts and beliefs, many of which I was completely unconscious of. 


With the help of books, methods and techniques (all of which I will share through this website), I started to get to know myself, understand what triggered me and gradually heal. I started to challenge the way I had done things, stepped out of my brain and into my heart and began to listen to myself and invest in my personal growth. As I did this, Magic started to unfold; my sense of peace, worthiness and happiness increased, I started to fall in love; in love with me, in love with life and gradually my external environment began to match how I felt inside.


Through My Magic Diary, I will share my story and provide access to information and people I have met along this journey in hope that it will help others experience the awakening as I did (and still am!).


As I continue to embark on this journey, I invite you to join me to heal and grow together and raise awareness of how this can change and improve your reality but also make the world a better place for all of us. 


Let the Magic begin…



My Magic Diary is a safe space to learn, grow and most importantly HEAL so we can live more peacefully in this physical reality surrounded by love and light.

Click on the eye icon to connect with my personal social media account and feel free to get in touch by email clicking the icon below!


I love to hear feedback on the information I share or suggestions for future content.​

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